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This website is to inform you about religion on Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

In 1634 the Dutch conquered the island from the Spanish. A year later they established a Reformed church. A church was built on the place where now is the Fort church, in Fort Amsterdam. In 1825 the Reformed church merged with the Lutheran church on demand of the king. So the United Protestant Congregation came into being. In 1939 the methodist Ebenezer church joined the UPC, in 1959 the Reformed church of Emmastad (the Emma church) and in 1984 the Reformed church (in Mundu Nobo) did so.

In the 19th century the Roman Catholic church was allowed by the government. The roman-catholics built many churches everywhere on the island. Nowadays 73 percent of the population belongs to this church.

When the refinery on the island needed personel it attracted personel from the Caribbean and beyond. So many English speaking people from the Windward island came to Curaçao and established their own curch: the Anglcan church and the Methodist church. The Surinams from Suriname joined the UPC or established the Moravian church. Afterwards there came many evangelical and pentecostal churches into being.

Already in the 17th century there came jews to the island., from Brazil and from Holland. They established a synagogue in Punda, which is the oldest stil functioning synagogue on the Western hemisphere. Later there came many jews from Eastern Europe. They established a synagogue in Mahaai.

In the beginning of the 20th century there came many people from the Lebanon and Syria. Many of them were muslims. They established a mosque on the Weg naar Welgelegen.

From India and Suriname there came Indians to Curaçao. They established a Hindu temple in Zuurzak.

As far as we know there are no Buddhists on the island, at least there is no Buddhist sanctuary.

On this website you can see where and when the congregations are gathering.

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R.C. church, Bonam

mosque, Weg naar Welgelegen

Hindu temple, Zuurzak

Buddha statue

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